Specifically Pacific Designs

Providing carpentry, cabinetry and joinery with a focus on long-lasting, durability and beauty. Using time-tested techniques blended with modern technology, we create unique, strong pieces of functional woodwork.

Built to last

At Specifically Pacific, we spend the time to do something right. We’re not Ikea, we’re local, custom and guarantee satisfaction with careful craftsmanship, high quality materials and finishing.

Shared Inspiration

West Coast Inspired

We strive to provide unique products, artwork and crafts through an online hub representing multiple Pacific Rim artisans that are looking to have a diversified presence. With a shared inspiration from the West Coast, each artist represented here is Specifically Pacific in their own right. 

Locally Sourced

lowering our footprint

With a light footprint, materials are sourced from Vancouver Island whenever possible. Hardwoods are brought in by local retailers for use in projects that require additional density and strength, like chopping blocks.

Gift Ideas

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